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  • militarywom_c0uu5c Post author

    Love it here!
    Location: Perfect for Ft Shafter, Tripler, Hickam and Schofield Barracks, although Schofield would be a far drive you will be driving against traffic. Right off of the interstates, near shopping… NEX, Target, Mall, Commisary. I think this is a wonderful location. My husband works at Tripler and is only one exit away. So even with traffic he is home within 15 minutes.

    Houses: Brand new. Very large and open. No washer and dryer, Yes microwave. Hardwood floors, carpet upstairs, tons of storage, fenced in backyards, garages. Senior NCOs are individual homes anything below are duplexes, but are still very nice and large.

    Community: Burger King, Dominos, gas station and store, Chapel, CYS, teen center, gym, library, fitness center, pool, splash pad (open year round), skate park, basket ball court. Playgrounds.

    IPC- I cant say they are the best run property managers. I dont really have any complaints myself, but I know a lot of other people do. I guess it all depends on how picky you are and what you think is worth complaining about.

    PROS: Everything!!

    CONS: NO GATE GUARD! They do have MPS who patrol and do random gate checks for a few hours a day. Maintenance appointments can take a while to get.

  • militarywom_c0uu5c Post author

    The housing at AMR is really nice. It is all newer housing (the last of the old housing is still standing but no longer occupied). We have lived in 2 different homes since being here because of a change in famliy size. Our first home was a 4BR house and one of the first newer homes built in AMR. It was well maintained and we didn’t have many issues with the house at all. We now live in a 5B home that was just completed. It is extremely big and far exceeded my expectations. The rooms are decent size and they are all on the same floor. Maintenance usually has appointments the same week as we call if not at the beginning of the following week.

  • militarywom_c0uu5c Post author

    AMR: I LOVE MY area!It is the best on base housing i have ever had!!It is central to everything and did i mention it is a brand new house!They are building brand new housing in the area!Every branch can live over here!However its priory is army! The only thing i hate about it is the MPS!At 3 am in the morning you can hear sirens and see blue lights in your window!Very nice area!

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