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Understanding different types of car scratches

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There are different types of vehicle or car scratches that will prompt you to take your car to a car scratch repair Sydney in Australia specialist. Scratches are very common and unavoidable. Probably, you have a lot of car scratches on your vehicle but they are not similar as we have different types of scratches. These types of scratches affect the car paint in different ways and require different fixing methods. While some car scratches can be fixed within a few minutes with a single product, other scratches require advanced techniques and a lot of time to fix. Here are the different types of scratches that you need to know.

Clearcoat scratches

This is a type of car scratch that doesn’t extend into the colour layer of the car. Clearcoat scratches don’t remove the actual colour of the car. It only reflects light unevenly from the car surface hence becoming visible. Due to the clear coat thickness, these can be deep or light scratches. They require different methods and products to fix and you can fix them at home. Clearcoat scratches are the most common type of car scratches as the clear coat of the car is the outmost layer of the paint.

Clearcoat scratches can be caused by different things such as contact with the car, improper washing or grabbing a door handle with your keys in hand. Scratching a clear coat is very easy and you should be careful to avoid contacting your car unless you are washing it. Your car scratch repair in Sydney New South Wales repair shop won’t charge you much to repair clear coat scratches.

Colour coat scratches

Colour coat scratches are deeper than clear coat scratches but they don’t expose the bare metal of your car. The scratch will only remove the colour from the paint of your car. It is, therefore, harder to repair a clear coat scratch because you need to repaint the spot. These types of scratches are more advanced and it is better to let a professional fix it. However, you can still fix it at home with touch-up paint and other necessary materials. Moderate-heavy contact with hard substances is the main cause of colour coat scratches. For example, hitting branches on the road can cause colour coat scratches. It is hard to prevent colour coat scratches because they are not caused by rubbing against the paint of the car. They are usually caused by intentional damage from others or accidents.

Primer scratches

Primer scratches are the deepest types of car scratches and they can cause a lot of damage to your car than simply looking bad like the colour coat and clear coat scratches. It is important to take your car to a professional mobile scratch repair Company in Australia because they expose the bare metal of your car. When the metal is exposed, it rusts quickly. This can cause irreparable damage to your car and make it unsafe to drive over time. Primer scratches also affect the resale value of your car.



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