Use these Software Tools to Fasten your eLearning Content Development

Use these Software Tools to Fasten your eLearning Content Development

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If you are at the managerial position and you are looking for tools which can help you to fasten the job of eLearning among your team members, then this article is for you. You can create your own eLearning development by using various learning author tools that are available on the internet for free from various websites. However, some of the best eLearning software tools which can be highly beneficial for your company are discussed below. You can use them to speed up your job and make the entire process super-efficient.

  1. Simple Authoring Tool: This tool can be used instead of the desktop tools which you were using all this while for one-person development teams or for a smaller number of employees. Using simple authoring tools which are cloud-based and designed specifically for high volume eLearning teams can speed up the entire development process. These tools make eLearning faster and you can author, publish and maintain all your records way faster than a desktop tool. You can ready-to-go themes which will help you to start quickly and also add comments so that your entire team can view it. You can also republish and update courses without publishing or deploying again.
  2. Presentation tool: Do not limit these tools only for presentation purposes. A presentation tool can be great for storyboarding if you start to look to look at it as a design software. It can create designs and present your entire team about all the necessary details in a visual way. The image effects feature also helps in manipulating the current images and you can also create your own graphics.
  3. Audio editor and recorder: This tool can be used to record live from a microphone and also it can easily edit the previously recorded materials. You can use these type of tools for voiceover files, for removing background noise or for amplifying and reducing volumes. The audio editor and recorder can also manipulate the pitch, speed and tempo along with fading the track in and out.
  4. Video editing tool: This tool can also be used for screen recording purpose which can allow you to record or capture anything you see on screen. You can use the zoom in and zoom out feature, add animated and audio effects or remove background noises including fading the entire video in and out. You can also enhance your video by adding customize callouts and this tool is extremely essential for making training videos. This video editing tool is majorly used arranging all the clips into a smooth flowing video which is very useful in making an animated clip. You can also add transitions or title clips and edit the audio by adding voice narrations.
  5. Design Programming Tool: This tool is used majorly by professionals who want to retouch and compose certain images. This tool will provide you with an access to various painting tools like pencil, brushes, cloning and airbrushing. With this entire graphic packaging tool, you can quickly create stunning graphics which can mesmerize one and all.



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