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When You Should Buy Alternative Rings To Diamond

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Are you looking for some kind of alternative engagement rings compared with a diamond? Well, first of all, we will take you through a short history of diamond rings. The engagement rings were not traditionally diamonds. They were just rings. Ancient Egyptians believed that circles symbolized eternity. This belief made the ancient Romans to start giving betrothal rings in place of dowry. Every bride would have something of value to represent her commitment to her betrothed. The tradition of diamond rings for engagement can be traced back to 1477. The creation of a diamond engagement ring was commissioned by an Austrian royal for his betrothed. This gave birth to a trend and every European aristocrat had to do the same.

The tradition has thereafter captured the fingers, hearts and wallets of nearly 80% of engaged people in America. We are not trying to say that a diamond is not a great choice. Diamond is a precious stone and it is the hardest mineral on the planet. It is the perfect choice of a ring to wear every day. However, not everyone can afford diamond rings yet everyone wishes to have a diamond ring. For those people who adore diamond rings but cannot acquire them for different reasons, alternative rings come in.


Topaz is a popular alternative to diamond and it has appeal to a wide range of people because it is diverse when it comes to colours. The most beautiful Imperial Red and Swiss Blue can be found in the semi-precious gemstones which are Topaz. Topaz is a hard stone and you may only see very small scratches after many years of wear. Getting the stone scratched will take some real work. This means that if you take good care of Topaz, it might never scratch.


You can design your own ring online with emerald. Emerald is a gorgeous green gemstone and was one of Elizabeth Taylor’s favourites. Although this can be used as an alternative ring to diamond, it is not a hard stone. If you want an engagement ring that you will wear every day then we don’t recommend emerald. However, we can recommend it as a side stone if you are in love with the vivid green beauty.


Morganite resembles the blush of a bride. It is a pale pink beauty and it can make you fall in love very easily. The colour variations for this stone are perfect and they can do well for people with warm and cool skin tones. The stone has a high hardness and it is one of the perfect alternative rings to diamond. You can go back and look for Morganite and fall in love with it. You can wear it for the rest of your life without getting bored.


This is one of the best alternative engagement rings to diamond that we recommend. Tourmaline is one rare stone where you can find a stone with 3 colours. If you are someone who is in love with colours then we endorse tourmaline.



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