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If you are wishing to live in government housing then visit the Anderson AFB Housing website to get a new home with the Air Force. This is an ideal website for Airmen and their families to get all kinds of information about the housing options and another thing is, support services are available at Air Force base worldwide.

You need to submit a Housing Application form DD 1746 and place your order before visiting.  This form can be emailed to 36ce.ceh@us.af.mil or fax to 671-366-2402.

When an individual reaches to Anderson he/she needs to check-in to his/her unit checks-in. After check-in, in addition to being briefed on TLA, members will also be briefed for on-base or off-base housing.


Temporary Housing

On-Base Temporary Lodging

Here, space is limited for those PCSing to Guam. Individuals need to work with their sponsor for making reservations with Lodging for on and off base lodging. While checks-in, TLA will be processed through the Anderson AFB Housing Office.



In temporary lodging at Andersen AFB Housing, you cannot keep pets with you. If you wish to keep your pet with you, you should stay at Andersen Pet Lodging or lodging off-base.


You can also make PCS and TDY reservations by calling the Andersen AFB Housing Lodge’s Reservation Manager.


Phone & Fax Numbers

DSN: 315-362-2801



DSN Fax: 315-366-6264

Fax: 671-366-6264


Toll-Free Reservation Number — The Air Force Services Agency provided a toll-free number to help people in the continental United States 1-888-AF Lodge.


Reservation Guidelines

You should have a valid credit card (VISA or Mastercard) for any reservation in Andersen Lodge.

Andersen Lodging Amenities

We provide a wide variety of snacks, beverages and other convenience items to all members and guests of Andersen AFB Housing.

Andersen Pet Lodge
Andersen Pet Lodge is our (Andersen Services’) one of the newest facility for the convenience of people. It serves three main functions: (i), it acts as a quarantine facility for pets (dogs & cats); (ii), it acts as a boarding facility for pets already residing on Guam; and (iii) it promotes the quality-of-life for individuals and their pets arriving on Andersen AFB.


Off-Base Temporary Lodging
Guam serves a large tourist population that is why many temporary to long-term lodging is available here.


Household Goods

Arranging Household Goods Shipments

When you get an alert about your upcoming Permanent Change of Station move, get ready to clean your house up and make it free from junk. You can donate items to charity that you are no longer needed.

Household Goods Shipping Process

The Defense Personal Property System (DPS), an online system help you to manage your household goods shipment.


Shipping Pets

The DPS also deals with the shipment of your pets. Shipment plan of a pet includes researching airline requirements and quarantine restriction laws in your new location. It is needed to check with the airlines on the requirements for weight, size, kennel construction and documentation limitations.

Small pets can be shipped on military flights but availability and fees are always changing as per the size, weight and number of pets. Explore Move.mil for gathering more general information on shipping pets.



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