Naval Base Guam Base Housing

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Government housing is available on Guam Naval Base Housing. There is an option of living for service members, either they can live in government housing or out in the community. If service members choose to live in government quarters, they will be put on a hold/waiting list from 2 to 60 days, as per availability. The Guam Naval Base Housing Office is located at Building 3191 on Naval Base Guam.   Once your orders had stamped by your command, visit the Housing Office to get your application process started. For getting more detailed information visit the Guam Naval Base Housing Office website.

In case, you are bringing your non-command sponsored with you, your housing situation may change. It is advised to contact the Housing Office prior to arrival on Guam.



Guam Naval Base Housing occupies 7 locations in which 870 active family housing units and in 10 locations on the island of Guam there are over 1,000 bachelor housing spaces. All of the approved living quarters on base and off base are constructed of concrete so they are able to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. These housing units come equipped with central air conditioning, stove, refrigerator, washer, dishwasher and dryer.



Person is eligible for military housing or not, and how many numbers of bedrooms will be allocated to him, depend on sponsor’s pay grade, family composition, and availability of military houses. Inform the Guam Naval Base Housing Office if you require any kind of special needs.

Civilians who are occupying government quarters have to pay market rent and other charges such as utilities.



Contact the Guam Naval Base Housing Office and schedule an appointment at 671-333-2081/2 before arriving on Guam. Submit an advanced housing application (DD-1746) for verifying housing eligibility and availability of government quarters. Once you have accomplished all the processes and have had your orders stamped by your command, visit the Housing Office at your pre-arranged schedule and get your application process started.



If you are a pet lover, a good thing for you is pets are allowed in government housing. There are some restrictions on the size, types of pets and number of pets. But you need to inform the Housing Office prior to shipping your pet.


Loaner Furniture

Navy Housing Welcome Center arranges to have loaner furniture to your new home until your personal household shipment arrives. Loaner furniture encompasses items such as beds, chairs, tables, sofas, lamps, washer and microwave ovens etc. Loaner furniture is free to bachelors and military families but civilians may have to give a small fee.


Non-Government Housing

The Guam Naval Base Housing Office retains a current listing of rentals of the adequate civilian with flexible terms.

The Guam Naval Base Housing Office offers showing services, landlord-tenant negotiations and check-in and check-out inspections, etc., for families as well as bachelors. Many homes in the community include 2 to 4 bedrooms and 2 baths with 1,000 square feet of living space, carports, and yards. Most of the apartments occupy at least 800 square feet of living space, and come with wonderful amenities such as refrigerators, stoves, washer etc.

Rental Options

The average rent for 2 two bedrooms is $2,200, for 3 bedrooms is $2,500 and for 4 bedrooms is $2,700.



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