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Lewis Village fort Belvoir: Baumholder Germany Housing

Government Housing On Post Army Family Housing (AFH)

Baumholder Germany Housing offers on-post housing to the Soldiers which are in the ranks of PVT-SSG serving an accompanied 36-month tour with command sponsored dependents, or the soldiers who are enrolled in the military couples program. Soldiers which hold the rank of SGT and SSG with command sponsored dependents may have an option to move to off-post housing and/or on post housing. Waiting time for government housing depends on bedroom requirements, generally, it may be from 1 to 12 weeks. After arrival, soldiers and their families will be presented with housing options and wait times at HousingOffice. Soldiers who are command sponsored will only be allowed to sign for their family housing.


Single Service Member Unaccompanied Housing (UH)

PVT-SSG, Single Service Members and geographical bachelors will reside in Barracks. Another thing, they may be required to have roommates to reside in Barracks. SFC soldiers and of above ranks will normally live off post. Visiting family members and children are not allowed to stay overnight in Barracks.

Exceptional Family Member Housing

There are a limited number of handicap accessible housing units on Baumholder Germany Housing‘s post. On post housing units are not equipped with air conditioners.

Residents who need specialized housing considerations should document their need clearly in EFMP enrollment paperwork (DD 2792/DD 2792-1) at the time of EFMP screening.

Residents who want specialized medical equipment should know that the voltage of current is different in Germany than the United States. You can use electrical appliances manufactured in the United States with a transformer. Transformers are used to handle different wattage which should be listed on the back of every appliance. Nowadays, many appliances are available with dual voltage so they simply need an adapter. Many of the quarters in the Baumholder Germany Housing community have been renovated to include both 110 and 220 voltage.

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Non-Government Housing

It is mandatory for service members to grant a statement of non-availability or an exception to policy if they want to live in local community non-government housing. Once the non-availability statement is granted, then service members can expect to aggressively seek housing. The HousingOffice will help them in this process. Normally, contractors and DOD civilians are not permitted to live in government-controlled quarters. If DOD civilians want to seek or sign a rental agreement they must go through the Housing Office. Contractors can contact their company for any queries or additional advice.

Within a 30-mile radius of Baumholder, Off-Post housing is located in 100 towns and villages. The estimated waiting time for finding a unit could be 10-60 days. Residents must pay from 300 Euros for a one bedroom apartment to 1500 Euros for a four bedroom house. Most of the times, residents require an initial security deposit of 1-2 month’s rent for houses and apartments.

Purchase Options

Several companies offer assistance and opportunities with purchasing and houses while in Germany. For getting further information, it is preferred to see advertisements in military publications.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are not available in Germany.



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