Circle of Life Women’s Center

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Circle of Life Women’s Center.  They are an OB/GYN clinic located in South Ogden, Utah.  If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please call them at 801-337-5800.
1525 E 6000 S,
South Ogden, Utah 84405
Phone: (801)337-5800
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  • AFwifeandmomof2 Post author

    As for an OB, I recommend ANYONE ( I saw midwife Kathy Mark) at Circle of Life Women’s Center in Ogden, UT (maybe a 10 minute drive!) They are awesome and so caring there! I have NEVER had a bad experience even through one very difficult and complicated pregnancy! Another perk is that they do an ultrasound EVERY single visit!!!!! On top of it, they provide you with a DVD from the start that you bring with you to each appointment and they will record your ultrasound video on it! The 4d ultrasounds are amazing!

  • LilPatricksMomm Post author

    Hands down the best OB/GYN in the area. Very very busy practice, but I never ever felt a lack of care. There are 4 or 5 OB’s there and most specialize in high risk pregnancies. You are afforded an ultrasound with every visit that is put on DVD for you, all covered by Tricare. They have a large play room for children in the waiting area as well as a very very comfortable waiting area with nice plushy couches and a large fireplace. Downstairs is an attached business that is a spa type place.

  • Teresagreb Post author

    The only MD I saw at Circle of Life Women’s Center was Dr. Wesley Davis. I went there for my 3rd pregnancy (3rd child). Dr. Davis was absolutely wonderful. I would describe him as a person first, then a doctor (a very up to date doctor), which is a good fit for me. He seems to stay current on OB/GYN matters instead of just doing things “the old way.” They do an ultrasound at all of your prenatal appointments. Normally, I would say that is a bit extreme, but in my case we did learn that my baby had turned breech in my 38th week, so we could schedule a c-section (my choice) instead of me going into labor and then an emergent c-section would be imminent. He also did the c-section, which I am recovering from very nicely with minimal discomfort. He used stitches instead of staples, and also told me that the way he did my incision would make it more possible for me to do a VBAC, if I were to have another child. Dr. Davis was very pleasant every step of the way and very knowledgeable. He is from North Carolina, which is where I also grew up, so maybe I’m a bit partial. However, he did his undergrad at UNC and MD at Wake Forest, and also attended surgeries at Duke and Harvard. North Carolina is known for their excellent medical schools.

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