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We as Riverview physicians for women are glad to see you are stopped by and gave your few minutes to browse our site. We hope this site reflects our greatest concern to the sensitive issues of our patients. Here, you will find several useful links to sites that deal with women’s health.

It’s our 65+ years hard work that has made us maintained the highest professional, moral and ethical standards. We are compassionate and competent Obstetrician-Gynecologists.

Riverview physicians for women keep their patients first and provide them care in private, accessible and tranquil state. Our office is located in a central location in Colonial Heights on the Appomattox River.

We keep our patients first by providing them large examination rooms having a restroom/changing area for your convenience and privacy.

We put our patients first by being the ONLY Ob-Gyn practice in the entire area. We have our own physicians who are 24*7 dedicated to our hospitalized patients. Our physicians will attend you in a timely fashion and if anytime emergencies occur, it will be dealt expeditiously. If you need surgery or deliver your baby, our “laborists” will be available for you so that you do not have to wait for your doctor to finish seeing patients.

A nurse is always available for answering patient telephone questions during office hours.

Riverview physicians for women put their patients first by providing a Lab Corp. drawing station in-house for obtaining and reporting tests.

We put our patients first by providing diagnostic and office screening, state of the art, digital mammograms read by Radiology Associates of Richmond.

We put our patients first by offering 3D mammograms commonly referred to as tomosynthesis. Our physicians routine-wise consult your risk of ovarian and breast cancer and, if something is indicated, they perform BRAC analysis and counseling in our office.

We put our patients first by providing office osteoporosis testing, counseling and treatment. All DXA scans are performed by an ISCD certified technologist. There analysis is done not only by bone mineral density determination but also by vertebral fracture analysis. We put our patients first to offer in-office gynecologic and obstetric ultrasounds and non-stress tests for single and twin pregnancies. We know no one wants to wait to consult a doctor, so we try to do our best to see you on time.

However, our speciality is to handle complex, unexpected and time-consuming events which may, on occasion, necessitate a delay in you being seen. Riverview physicians for women apologize for that and also thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

We feel proud and honored to serve several generations of families who have allowed us to care for them. We know our patients who allow us and give us a chance to provide serve them.


Our some of the important medical departments that our clinic offers:

  • Digital Mammograms
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of the Menopause
  • Osteoporosis Screening
  • Infertility Testing and Treatment
  • Well Woman Examinations
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Vaginal Infections
  • Cancer Screening and Treatment

Finally, if you would found our information useful, then not to hesitate for your feedback so that we may be able to improve this site.



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