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Everything you need to know about the latest ultrasounds

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Are you considering having a 3D ultrasound in Western Australia? After all, nine months is a very long time to wait to see your little one. Since 3D and 4D ultrasounds allow you to see your unborn child in more depth and detail than 2D ultrasound, you may be eager to undergo the procedure. However, before you do it, it is crucial to understand when 4D and 3D sonograms should be used during pregnancy. This is to ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep you and your baby healthy and safe.

2D, Doppler, 3D and 4D ultrasounds

You may have already experienced a 2D ultrasound if you have visited the doctor and it can be a magical and exciting moment. For 2D ultrasound, a transducer is placed into your vagina or on your belly to send sound waves through your body. These waves then bounce off internal fluids and organs and a computer converts them into two-dimensional images of the fetus on a screen.

Your practitioner will use a hand-held ultrasound device with Doppler fetal ultrasound. The device will amplify the sound of the heartbeat of the fetus with the help of a special jelly applied on your belly.

In the 3D procedure, multiple dimensional images are taken at different angles and pieced together to make a three-dimensional rendering. Instead of seeing a profile view, you see the whole surface which looks like a regular photo.

The 4D ultrasound is similar to 3D ultrasound fetal Fotos Perth in Western Australia but in 4D, the image shows movements. In 4D, you see the baby doing things such as closing her eyes, sucking his thumb, and more.

Benefits of ultrasounds

Women with complication-free and low-risk pregnancies will have two ultrasounds. Older women and women with complications will have more. There are numerous reasons why ultrasounds, in general, are necessary during pregnancy. They help to confirm the estimated due date. Ultrasounds can be used to look at the heartbeat of the baby and make sure the pregnancy is not in the fallopian tubes. Ultrasounds are used to confirm the number of babies and make sure that the baby is developing at an appropriate pace. Ultrasounds can also be used to measure the size of the baby, check and measure the baby’s organs, check the levels of amniotic fluid and rule out any birth defects.

One of the most common reasons why parents go for an ultrasound is to determine the sex of the baby and get reassurance that everything is going on without any complications.

Reasons for performing 4D and 3D sonograms

Doctors use Doppler and 2D ultrasounds in pregnancies that are uncomplicated to assess the amniotic fluid, examine the fetus, and look for birth defects. 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds in Western Australia are performed closely to examine suspected anomalies in the child such as spinal cord issues and cleft lip. They are also performed to monitor something specific. In short, 3D and 4D ultrasounds are not part of the routine prenatal examinations but they are performed for specific reasons or to take photos of the developing baby.



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