Healthcare Training Data for Deep Learning and Machine Learning

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Cogito offers a great quality of training data for deep learning and machine learning in healthcare sector. Annotated images like X-ray, CT Scan and MRI with precise diagnosis of ailments to make it learn by the machines and diagnosis the diseases on the same patterns in near future helping radiologist to take faster decision and provide instant Medicare.

Similarly, for various other needs like Chatbot, Virtual Assistant and Medical Imagining, Cogito is providing the training data sets acquired from reliable sources and classified such data as per the customize needs and affordability of the customers. Cogito is providing the healthcare training data sets for various needs into medical sub-fields.

machine learning in healthcare

Cogito Provides Following Services for Healthcare:

  • Generate high-quality, structure datasets for machine learning algorithms.
  • Medical Image annotation for Radiologists, Pathologists and General Physicians.
  • Review of medical images like X-rays, MRIs, CT and PET scans to analyze patients.
  • Provide Medical Insight & Feedback to help design tools that support deep learning.
  • Data Labeling Services for various sub-fields of medical and healthcare.
  • A dedicated team to Co-develop new AI modules with right sensitivity and specificity.
  • Case studies support to coordinate and manage data with diverse patient populations.

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Cogito is deeply and dedicatedly involved in providing the healthcare training data with labeled and annotated images used to train the computers and machines working on AI-based models to develop an application or system that can work independently without human interference. It is known to uphold the excellence of data with accurateness at each level helping companies to develop leading-edge system leveraging the healthcare sector operate with more proficiency. 



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Cogito offers a complete data collection and processing service for training data as a services for AI and Machine learning based services. It is providing wide range of services like Visual Search, Image Annotation, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Data Collection, Data Classification, Search Relevance, healthcare training data, contact center services, Content Moderation, Audio Transcription, Video Transcription and OCR Transcription services with high quality and accuracy.

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