Music Therapy May Help Kids Cope with Immunization Shots

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The vaccination procedures are really terrible for kids as well as parents. All parents would agree. Parents worry about the pain of needles in their tiny bodies. Handling the crying kids become one heck of a chore, especially when kids are a little older to understand the vaccination procedure. It becomes a tedious drill to convince them and prepare them for the vaccination. If you are looking up substitutes for vaccines on your Spectrum Internet just stop! Because there is no substitute for vaccination. It is mandatory for every child. You will essentially have to go through this procedure with your kids so have patience.

However, the good news is that there are things that can distract children while they get the immunization shots. One instance is music therapy. When children are getting a painful needle insertion, music therapy helps by distracting them. Scientific research is proving that.

Let’s figure it out.

A Word about the Music Therapy

The link between Music therapy and immunization is a new concept. But there has been a research on this. It is now proved that children who receive music therapy while they are on their routine vaccination visits are way less stressed that those who don’t. Also, they are able to cope better with the pain and trauma.

Music therapy is helpful in changing the perception of getting immunization shots because it helps to distract children and eliminate their distress and stress. It also diverts their focus from pain. Research also indicates that music reduces anxiety and pain significantly during medical procedures.

Surveys and Studies

A new study was conducted at different healthcare facilities in recent years. It involved many children between the ages of 4 to 6. Children were divided into two groups. One group received the traditional medical care and the other had a music therapist available for immunization. Parents and kids were also encouraged to join singing and playing instruments with the therapist. This music therapy was done at the start, during, and after the immunization process ended. After the whole thing, the parents were told to rate the level of shock, distress, and pain of their children and share their experience and perception of the whole music session. This study was video-graphed to gauge the reaction of children and their feeling of distress and coping abilities.

The Results

  • Children in the music group showed double the level of coping behavior before, and during the immunization procedure as compared to the non-music group, on average. The reaction afterward varied though.
  • The distress levels on average were less too in the music group. The non-music group exhibited much more distress before, during and after the whole procedure. The distress levels of the non-music group were as much as five times more than the music group.
  • Significant differences were not found in the coping behaviors of parents from both groups.
  • Similarly, there were no differences in the reaction of nurses from both groups at any time of the procedure.
  • Most parents from the music group claimed that their children and they benefitted from the music therapy. Their perception about this facility was remarkably improved. They were willing to do it again.
  • Rather than making the children listen to the music only, what helped more was the interaction between the children, parents, and the music therapist. The way the children’s needs were catered to at every phase and step of the procedure helped too.

Some Other Approaches

Not everyone agrees with this research. There are certain pediatricians and immunization experts who do not consider it a feasible option because of the cost and time involved in having a music therapist in every pediatrician’s office.

Although, they agree that the study has a potential and could be a next step to be introduced in every immunization center.

Vaccinations remain to be one of the most significant ways, which is opted by doctors and parents to ensure the protection of the children. So, everyone welcomes the ways, which can make this experience positive and better. As a parent, you should also try this process and give your feedback. For that get in touch with Charter Spectrum Customer Support and subscribe to an internet package. Sharing your experience and feedback on internet-based forums will reach people across the globe.



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