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Islamic art is seeing many new trends, among which is Islamic canvas for sale. In this, calligraphy is wither printed or painted is canvas. You would find many specimens of Islamic art canvas in both the online and offline market.

Islamic canvas art comes under the category of modern Islamic art, which is distinct from its traditional or classical counterpart.

In classical Islamic wall art, the Arabic text is stitched with a golden thread on a piece of black silk or velvet. The colors of the fabric are inspired by the hues of the cloth that covers the Ka’aba in Makkah. Traditional Islamic wall art also comprises of vivid wall art, generally carpets made in Turkey or Kashmir. These carpets are covered with intricate floral patterns and elaborate borders. In the middle of the carpets is a neatly-stitched verse or chapter of the Holy Quran.

Like with most kinds of undergoing change due to digital technology, Islamic wall art is also making use of new materials, digital mass printing technologies and e-commerce forums to draw the attention of buyers of today. Two trends-especially stand out. The first is that of Islamic wall decals where vinyl stickers that can be directly passed on to the surface of the wall doing away with the need for framing. The calligraphy-only focus of the decals gives them a minimalist appeal, without the visual distraction of backgrounds or colors or frames.

The second is the idea we talked about at the start– Islamic art canvas. Different from the text-only focus of wall stickers, Islamic canvas art for sale uses colors and the texture of canvas to throw the spotlight on the artwork as well as the verses written on it.

Colours are a critical part of wall decor. The saying‘add color to your life’ suggests one should live their life with colour, that is with joy and positivity. And there for colours are thought to add life to our living spaces. Many people now go for a color other than white to paint at least one wall each of all the rooms in their house.

If you are looking for Islamic canvas art for sale, you would come across many varieties of Islamic art canvas, whether itis prints or paintings. They are available in a range of colors of the palette –red, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, orange, pink, magenta, black etc. Sometimes, a single color is applied, sometimes multiple shades are used. The calligraphy is generally of a color other than that of the backdrop in order to highlight it  – as that is the focus of the artwork. Colors are just a way to get attention to the calligraphy, they cannot become the focus of the artwork themselves. In Islamic calligraphy, the message is paramount. But still, bright colors and the artistic canvas texture can draw attention to threat, especially the text displayed on it. If a work of art in your residence attracts your attention, you would likely see the text written on it and ponder over its meaning as well.



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