How to choose your dining room chairs?

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Unmatched, comfortable, modern or tart: the dining room chairs are an integral part of the decoration of this room. Here are a few tips.

The dining room chairs are part of the decoration of the living room. High back, mismatched patterns, modern or more refined; it is not always easy to choose well depending on the size of your room and the style you like. Here are some tips to help you.

Ultra comfortable dining chairs to receive

To receive your relatives or to organize meals with friends, only one watchword to choose your dining room chairs: comfort.

The ideal option if you regularly use your dining room is chairs with a high backrest to ensure optimal comfort while creating an elegant decor in your room. Also go for cloth or leather upholstered chairs to ensure a comfortable seat for your Sunday guests. Chairs with armrests are also a good choice for kids. Another excuse to spend the day at the table (or almost).

Mismatched chairs to shake the decor of your dining room

Tired of the classic decor seen and reviewed in all the dining rooms? Dare creativity and opt for a mix & match of mismatched chairs.

Boost the decor of your room in the blink of an eye by mixing materials, styles, models and the color palette. Examples include vintage wooden chairs, industrial models combined with tarty design chairs. But be careful not to overdo it by keeping a more sober decor for your table or furniture, so as not to get an overloaded effect in your dining room. Easy, right?

Dining chairs united in metal for an industrial effect

Make room with simplicity with best metal dining chairs for a minimalist and industrial look in your room. For a New York loft effect in your living room, opt for low-backed dining chairs in brushed steel. Be careful, however, to avoid the cold side of this material. For example, add a fluffy rug under the table or bet on warm decor cushions. Your guests will be pampered!

Designer chairs for a contemporary dining room

Whether your dining room is independent or completely open to the kitchen and living room, opt for a more contemporary decor with models of designer chairs.

Perfect for classic and modern interiors, you can opt for designer chairs with graphic feet, transparent materials or colorful contemporary shapes. These models will bring an airy and light touch to your decor, which will also give the illusion of a larger space. Pretty ingenious!

Wooden dining chairs for a Scandinavian atmosphere

If you want to keep a simple and elegant Scandinavian-style decor in your dining room, bet on raw wooden models. Ideal for adding cachet to your room, for example, vintage bistro chairs transformed into dining chairs, Scandinavian chairs curved in light wood or retro chairs like schoolboys. Feel free to choose two-tone wood and white or colorful dining chairs to add contrast.

Chairs adapted to your dining room

Whether your dining table is rectangular, solid wood, round or glass, to create an overall effect in your room, it is essential to choose your chairs according to your furniture but also according to the volume of your furniture. The room. For example, an industrial spirit will be very suitable for totally open spaces; in a small space, why not bet on transparent dining chairs to limit the visual clutter of the room?

Be careful also to balance your decor! So if you have an imposing table, bet on more discreet dining chairs and vice versa.

You now have the secret recipe for a flawless and well choose your dining room chairs.



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