Remodelling your house for older people

Remodelling your house for older people

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Remodelling is often a more difficult task than the actual building of a new house. But sometimes it’s an important part of being a home owner. Remodelling is necessary for the upkeep of a house, to handle structural wear and tear and to cater to the growing needs of time and people. It is especially important as the inhabitants grow older and need more comfort.  Older peopleloathe having to move from a home they’ve spent so much time in. It makes sense then to make sure it’s comfortable for them to live in.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you remodel for the elders.

  1. Little or no maintenance
  2. Wheelchair friendly
  3. Anti-skid flooring and tiles
  4. Easy-grip things
  5. Equipment within visible reach and grasp

When you remodel your house, here are some things that you can do.

  1. Seating space in the shower- so that older people don’t have to stand for long durations and can get a rest whenever they want.
  2. Railings in the bathroom- not just near the WC but in the entire bathroom so there’s less danger of falling and slipping.
  3. Raise level of the toilet seat- this will make it easy for them to lower and raise themselves.
  4. Try levers instead of knobs- wherever possible install levels and not knobs. As fingers get stiff, this simple replacement will make things easy to a large extent.
  5. Anti-skid flooring and tiles are important to keep in mind.
  6. Place light switches in a convenient place- this could be either at the entrance of the room or near the bed or sitting area.
  7. Consider adding an elevator if the house is more than one level. Stairs are difficult to negotiate and an elevator or even a chair lift is a good idea.
  8. Remove the rug- carpets and floor mats are not a good idea on many levels. There’s a danger of tripping and falling, there’s also the problem with how to move a cane or a wheelchair in that space. Anti-skid tiles are the best solution.
  9. Keep an eye on elevation- ageing eyes sometimes don’t work well with flooring that’s a bit off. Adding gradients and steps only goes to complicate problems, not simplify. Make sure elevation is okay and on an even keel.
  10. Increasing the width of doors- this is important to accommodate wheelchairs and other walking or moving apparatus.
  11. Consider some bright colours- older people often lonely. Some bright colours and additions can surely go far in making them feel better.

Before you get into the remodelling process, be clear on how much time the entire process is going to take. Ask your contractor to give you a realistic timeframe. Move the belongings in the house to a storage facility for safe keeping. Renting storage units Sacramentomakes sense because it’s convenient. Whenever there’s a need, you can always go back to retrieve things that your familymembers may need. A storage space is also useful to keep those keepsakes and memory makers that the elders may be unwilling to depart from.



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