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5 Must Try Pizza Toppings

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Who doesn’t love pizzas? Be it the classic hand tossed, cheese filled, or even thin crust for ones watching their weight, this Italian delicacy is sure to drive you hunger pangs away, and your you full!

Be it a margherita pizza filled with delicious cheese, or the classic pepperoni, or even veggie loaded for vegetarians, the possibilities of pizza toppings are endless! Visit your nearest Papa John’s outlet, and use papajohns coupons to get amazing discounts on various pizzas.

Still want to try newer toppings’s with a twist on classic combinations? Here are some amazing, lip smacking pizza topping combinations you must try!

1. Bacon, egg and cheese Pizza

Ever had a pizza for breakfast? This combination of bacon, eggs and cheese on a pizza is so lip smacking, that it will make you keep going for more! It will absolutely become a staple in your house. it is not only super simple to prepare, it is also very filling. Afterall, you must have breakfast like a king!

2. Garlic and cheese pizza

Infuse some good quality extra virgin olive oil with some garlic, and spread it all over the pizza base. Next, add slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and throw in some fresh basil leaves and bake the pizza to make your very own garlic and cheese pizza. This is a lighter option for people looking for a light meal, or for those weekday dinner meals, as it is super quick and requires minimal effort.

3. Fall pizza

Bring in the delicious flavors of fall into your pizza! Try this sweet, fall flavored pizza, and get transported to food heaven! The best part about this pizza is that it can also double up as a dessert! Just throw in some freshly cut apples or peaches, or even fruit jam on a pizza crust along with candied walnuts and a dash of cinnamon and mascarpone cheese for extra flavor. This pizza combination is so amazing, it will keep you going for more!

4. Mexican inspired pizza

Can’t decide whether to have Mexican or Italian for dinner? We bring you a combination of both! Top your pizza crust with classic Mexican flavors and ingredients, like chili, jalapeno, corn, spring onions, smoked paprika, cilantro, cumin and cheddar cheese, and enjoy the taste of two cuisines in one go! You can even make it absolutely vegetarian by using beans instead of classic chili on your pizza!

5. Caramelized onions and ham

This is a twist on the classic Hawaiian ham and pineapple pizza. The smokiness of ham compliments the sweetness of the caramelized onions perfectly. Top this with a combination of sharp cheddar cheese and grated mozzarella, and you are in for a treat! This is what food heaven looks like. This combination makes for a pizza that will always make you crave for more.

If just reading through these delectable topping combinations is making your mouth water, wait till you try those! You will definitely be in for a treat, and some combinations might even surprise you! Don’t forget to try them out on your next Pizza day cooking!



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