Magazines with Editorial Designs

Magazines with Editorial Designs that can Inspire You

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What is editorial design? Look at it this way. Every day, millions of people start and end their day reading compositions created by professionals. These could be newspapers, magazines, books or even postcards. The design that goes into creating these compositions is editorial design. Editorial designing combines good composition with aesthetic typography and layouts. There is a reason why the new Frontier bundle packages ad catches your eye. The editorial design team put in a lot of effort to make it what it is. Editorial design is important for presenting, sharing and understanding information.

Creativity-Inspiring Examples of Editorial Design

Editorial designing has become a more challenging field with digital media. This is a relatively new field in addition to traditional print media. In fact, digital media is slowly taking over most of the world’s communication. Paper is still the cornerstone for editorial design. Paper offers rustic ways to express creativity that is unparalleled with other mediums. But digital is equally important. Here are 5 incredible editorial designs that can help inspire you to greater heights of creativity:

  1. The Watch Magazine
  2. Net-a-Porter
  3. Tennis Tuesday
  4. e-Motion Magazine
  5. Crush Magazine
  6. Sea Life Magazine
  7. My Volvo Magazine
  8. Unlimited Magazine

Let’s discuss each editorial design and what you can learn from it below.

The Watch Magazine

The Watch Magazine is extremely popular with watch enthusiasts and collectors. The magazine has made a name for itself in classy, trendy, and exclusive watches. The e-magazine offers a flawless and smooth scrolling experience. The rich design gives off a feeling of luxury and grandeur as soon as you land on it. E-Magazine’s design is interactive. It encourages visitors to interact with the content. The site also offers easy social sharing buttons to let you share their content on social media.


Net-a-Porter has the attention of fashion brands, fashion gurus, and fashion consumers alike. The people behind the interactive e-magazine have worked very hard to get to their current position in the industry. The most unique thing about Net-a-Porter is the ease of shopping options it offers to viewers. Fashion brands stand to benefit the most from interactively designed webpages. So it comes as no surprise that, thanks to outstanding editorial design, Net-a-Porter is high on this list.

Tennis Tuesday

When it comes to snappily designed sports magazines, it doesn’t get better than Tennis Tuesday. The magazine offers useful content on tennis athletes, events, and matches. Unlike many others, Tennis Tuesday makes heavy use of the multimedia design in its e-magazine. This may be the reason why their content has a very large readership. The site makes use of text as well as video and interactive content to engage readers. It is very easy to navigate the magazine and access sections that interest the viewer.

e-Motion Magazine

e-Motion Magazine is one of the best automotive digital publications available on the internet. However, they don’t restrict their content to just cars. They often post educational content on engineering, art, and even design. The magazine is surprisingly diverse in its content curation, even though it is owned by a European car manufacturer. The publication features interactive slideshows and videos that engage viewers and also have easy sharing options.

Crush Magazine

Crush is a byword when it comes to lifestyle and food-related content. The digital publication is very tech savvy and offers one of the best interactive magazines you can visit. The e-magazine makes use of editorial content, photos, videos, quotes, etc. to offer engaging content to viewers. The publication places a lot of importance on good graphics and excellent typography. This goes a long way to make the magazine perusable online. The magazine itself is fairly simple to navigate and also has cues on pages. These are there to help viewers navigate to sections quickly.

Sea Life Magazine

Sea Life Magazine is for all those who love luxury cruises, yachts, and destinations. The e-magazine makes use of rich design and negative spaces to offer a sleek, luxurious feel. The magazine offers news and updates about life on the high seas. It features cruises, special offers, and celebrities who love living at sea. Run by CruiseDeals UK, the magazine offers content that builds on its brand image. The magazine makes a good job of entertaining and engaging its readers. Who doesn’t love a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go on a luxury cruise at a great price? 

My Volvo Magazine

Yes, the same Volvo as in the car manufacturer. My Volvo magazine is full of interesting content for Volvo owners and enthusiasts. The magazine draws influence from rich imagery and engaging content. It publishes articles of a very diverse variety, attracting all sorts of readers. The magazine appeals to a very broad range of interests. It publishes all sorts of content from automotive to design to engineering. The magazine works smoothly on all types of screens. That includes PCs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Unlimited Magazine

Unlimited Magazine is an e-magazine with an eclectic mix of just about everything. It covers everything from lifestyles to music to films and everything in between. Unlimited Magazine offers a healthy dose of inspiration with its content. But there is much to learn in its ads sections as well. You should see the way they advertise things like Frontier internet plans or Gibson guitars. The e-magazine is all about visuals. The social media sharing options on the publication are also intuitive and simple to use. The interactive magazine works well on phones, tablets, and computers. All thanks to excellent screen optimization.  



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