High Capacity Inverters: How To Choose The Right One?

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Is there too much power cut in your house? Are you planning to buy an inverter for your place or business house? Or the old inverter is not doing its job properly anymore? No matter what is the reason and for what you have decided to buy a new inverter, you should invest a couple of hours of researching.

First things first, what is an inverter? If you already own one of these, this question is not for you. But the first time buyers should keep in mind that power backup solutions are popularly known as inverter in India. Power grid to charge battery, inverter battery to store DC current, and the inverter is the three main components for any power backup solution. Plus even in this age of 24*7 power supply, one cannot deny the usability of inverters. housing complexes are always open-ended with installing a community- inverter and companies are making inverter ACs. So there’s no point denying the usability of an inverter anymore.

So let’s get started. There are fundamentals to know before you buy online high capacity inverter in India:


No matter whether your place experiences too much power cut or is somewhat alien to that, pay attention to the UPS before you invest in the power backup solutions. UPSs are of two types- pure sine wave and square wave. The first type of UPS works better on sensitive appliances like laptops and printers; it also reduces noise caused by several appliances while operating via an inverter. On the contrary, a square wave UPS is only the basic type that provides electricity when power is not available.

Also, companies like Luminous have now come up with high capacity inverter have now come up with available online that ranges from ECO mode, UPS mode, Eco Watt, Eco Volt, Rapid Charge, Shakti Charge & Zelio UPS. So what are these? These are the aspects that make one inverter different from the other. Aspects like higher charging current, how many hours of backup can the inverter give, and how many watts of load an inverter would take can be assessed with these types of inverters from Luminous.

Power Requirement

Before you buy any of the inverters available in the market, calculate the appliances you would run on the inverter. Would all the appliances in the house would run on inverter during the power cut, or select few?

Next comes the wattage required to run all the appliances on the inverter. Calculate and choose a UPS as per your total power requirement.

Running and starting power

All the appliances you have at home have different starting and running power requirement. While heavy appliances consume double the power to start if compared to normal running power, equipment like CFL bulbs starts in a higher watt but then settles down to its normal running power.

VA rating

VA or Voltage Amphere rating signifies the voltage and current supplied by UPS to a certain appliance. So if you have the requirement to run heavy appliances during a power cut, make sure your machine has higher VA.


The most important aspect of all is the battery of the inverter. The more powerful the battery is, the better the performance of the inverter is. Inverter batteries are available in two types- tubular plate batteries, and flat plate batteries. Companies these days are available with batteries from 60 Ah – 220 Ah (Ampere Hours). With this range, one would need 2 batteries of 150Ah (in series) to provide 300 Ah. Two batteries together create 24 V output, hence you need to choose UPS which supports 24V input. Now take your appliances into account and do the math.

The final checklist:

  • For a first time buyer, one should always opt for an inverter with battery combo.
  • Inverter trolleys are good for putting batteries inside the trolley.  It is portable and safe.
  • Anyone who has decided to install an inverter in the house or office place should make sure of proper earthing to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure you have invested your money in a longer warranty product. As longer warranty of batteries means longer life of the inverter, don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks extra if necessary.



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