Hidden Gems in the US Worth Visiting This Year

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The United States is home to numerous of tourist destinations like the Walt Disney World Resort, Mall of America, Times Square, Las Vegas Strip, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and so much more. The natural and man-made attractions U.S. has to offer have been captivating and enticing millions of local and foreign tourists from flocking the country.

In fact, the country’s economy and workforce greatly depend on tourism to sustain its needs. Simply put, without tourists, many jobs and opportunities will be thrown out of the window right there and then.

Tourism plays a vital role in the country’s economy, which is why states have been strongly marketing and advertising their tourist destinations for their people’s benefit. However, there are some tourist spots that do not get so much deserved attention from the visiting tourists.

Believe it or not, U.S. has more to offer than mainstream attractions. Some of the considered ‘hidden gems’ of the country include the following:

Ludington State Park (Michigan)

For nature lovers and people who want to take a time-off from the city noise and stress would love to visit Ludington State Park in Michigan. This park is in the heart of Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake, occupying 5,300 acres of the land. The park offers seven miles of sandy dune beaches, over 20 miles of hiking trails, and a historic lighthouse that visitors can climb.

Blackwater Falls State Park (West Virginia)

West Virginia is not a newcomer in terms of tourism as it homes several tourist destinations, including the Blackwater Falls State Park. Arguably the most photographed landscape in the state, Blackwater boasts its breathtaking 2,456-acre park. During the autumn, the park looks like a mash-up of different colors, and during the winter, the falls freeze into large icicles. Contrary to its name, the falls are brown in color rather than black, this is because of the tannic acid of the water.

Valley of Fire State Park (Nevada)

With more than 42,000 acres of arid land, Valley of Fire State Park proves that Nevada does not only offer the Las Vegas strip as its tourist destination. The park is home to 150-million-year-old sandstone formations and 3,000-year-old petrogralyphs.

The park is a complete opposite of the Las Vegas strip, which is an hour drive away, as it gives tourists a different kind of enjoyment through serenity. Some of the naturally carved rocks that tourists can see are the Arch Rock, Elephant Rock, and the Beehives.

If you are foreign tourist who wants to visit these sites, transportation can be an issue. Although you can join group tours, this can go against your liking because you would not have the liberty of visiting attractions in your own terms.

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Visiting the United States for tourism purposes is definitely fun and exciting, most especially if you can do it without splurging too much money. If you are the type of traveler that is not a big spender, renting a car for your trip is advised. By renting a vintage bus hire, you can save a lot of money, much more if you were able to get a good deal from your car rental supplier.



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