What is Data Annotation in Machine Learning and AI?

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Data annotation includes the well-organized labeling of various of data like text, video and images using certain technique to make it recognizable for computer vision during the machine learning and AI-based model developments.
A data available in various format can be analyzed and understandable to humans but machines cannot recognize such objects until and unless we train them with thousands of images that are annotated with precise pixel from edge-to-edge marking with most relevant tags for varied types and formats of images.
Data annotations comprises text annotation, image annotation and video annotation using the certain tools and techniques as per the data availability and further requirements. Further there are different types of annotations like bounding box, polygons, semantic segmentation, polylines and 2D or 3D cuboid or point cloud annotation as per the needs.
The main purpose of data annotation is to train the computer vision based model training like self-driving cars, robotics and drones development for different fields. Depending on the project needs the annotated data is supplied by the data annotation companies while ensuring the accuracy and quality that helps machine learning engineers and data scientist make best use of such data and develop a fully functional model for real-life use.

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Anolytics is one of the leading data annotation company providing the high-quality image annotation service for machine learning and AI. It is offering the best-in-class image annotation solution for providing the training data sets for AI-based model development for various industries including healthcare, retail, agriculture and autonomous robotics and flying etc.



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Anolytics offers data, image, text and video annotation service for computer vision and machine learning process. Companies working on AI-based machine learning technologies and looking to develop a fully-functional model can get high quality annotated image and text data here with complete security and privacy with cost-effective pricing as per needs.

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